Who is Ethos Homes?

Ethos Homes is a custom luxury homebuilder and remodeling company in Toronto Ontario, servicing the Greater Toronto Area.

The Right Approach

We have flourished since our inception by delivering a passionate pursuit of detail-rich, value-driven design and quality construction that provides clients with a built-to-suit dream home or renovation projects that matches their lifestyle, schedule and budget. Our homes are commonly described as high-end luxury without the high-end luxury price tag. Whether building on your own site or one of our lots, our clients can feel confident they are forging a relationship with seasoned professionals.

The Right Process

We create this confidence by guiding clients through a series of simple, step-by-step processes that provide practical advice, flexible accommodations, transparency and educational insight. We can transform even the most complicated project into an enjoyable experience for everyone from a seasoned client to a first time homebuyer.

The Right Choice

Spend some time with our team and you will quickly understand what “Ethos Homes” really means. We look forward for the opportunity to show you how combining our passion, experience and dedication, with your dream, anything is possible.